Limb Stuff

I made this page for other parents of limb different kids.  I’ve “met” a lot of them via Facebook and through other limb groups.  I remember what it was like to be pregnant with Patrick and not really know what to expect.  Jen Reeves’ blog was really great for me to read – I loved seeing pictures of Jordan doing all kinds of different things.

Patrick has a LBE (left below elbow) congential (born this way) amputation.  The medical word for what he has is Symbrachydactyly – though the appearance (and amount of hand/fingers present) can vary widely from person to person.  We don’t have any prosthetics and probably won’t unless he asks for it.

I am not really a big advocate in the limb world.  Patrick is a normal kid, and this blog represents our normal life.   I don’t write about limb stuff on here very often, so if that’s what you’re looking for you may be disappointed.  I do have lots of photos of a one-handed boy having a good time.  And if seeing that floats your boat, you’re welcome here.

Some of my limb tags on this site are: Shriners, limbs, hacks if you want to go straight to that stuff.

Here are some of our favorite limb blogs/resources:

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Empowering Amputees
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We had a group when we lived in Phoenix, and are part of the Pacific Northwest Nub Club.  I highly recommend finding some people near you to hang out with sometimes, if you can.