Conversation With a Toddler

ET: “I want a snack.”

Me (feeding Patrick): “You’ll have to wait a few minutes, OK?”

ET: “I. Want. a. Snack.”

Me:  “I know, honey.  You can have a snack in a few minutes.”

ET: “NO.  Don’t tell me that.  That’s mean.”

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3 Responses to Conversation With a Toddler

  1. Amy Lucitt says:

    oh man… this does not make me motivated to have kids lol where does one get patience enough to even respond to that? You big meanie 🙂 lol

  2. Christine & Evan says:

    it’s hard to keep a straight face when he tells me what to do.

  3. Grandma says:

    I’m cracking up and loving every minute of this… Parenthood is so much fun 🙂

    Love you all,

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