Happy September!

Wow I can’t believe it’s September already!  And if you look back at our August calendar, you’ll see that we actually accomplished one post per day for the entire month.

Here is our fancy prize for participating:

So what’s new with us?  Well, Elliott is talking in pretty much full sentences, surprising us everyday with words we had no idea he knew.  He still lives and breathes trains.  Patrick is now able to control his hand and arms a little better, and occasionally can put his hand to his mouth, which he enjoys.  He likes to rub his nub on his face – it must feel nice.  Patrick can’t roll over yet, but he can roll from his back to his side for a change of scenery.  He doesn’t hate his activity mat so much anymore, either.

Evan is in Colorado for a work trip until the end of this week, hopefully he will have time to rendezvous with Dave and Amy.  Then we’ll be getting ready to head off to Indianapolis for Aunt Katie and Uncle Kevin’s wedding.  It should be considerably cooler there so maybe we will see some fall foliage (?).  Speaking of leaves and things, it’s gardening time in Arizona again.  I think we’ll plant a lot of the same stuff we did last year, but we’ll be getting it in the ground a little sooner and in a much better location.  Now that our pool is fenced, hopefully we’ll be able to spend more time playing in the backyard when it cools off (it’s still above 100 here!).  Elliott is constantly bouncing off the walls so I bet he’ll be glad to run around outside more.

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