Mid-Day Update

The littlest man (Patrick) had his first non-well visit to the doctor today :(.  He woke up crying last night at 11pm and felt really warm.  Sure enough, he was running a fever.  We were able to get in to see the pediatrician this morning at 9.  Tylenol brings his fever down a bit, so we’re supposed to keep giving him that, and the doctor will re-check him tomorrow.  Patrick also had some blood tests done and they came back OK.

Mr. P is understandably a little fussy given his situation but he’s hanging in there.  He’s just relaxing at home, napping, eating and trying to keep cool.

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One Response to Mid-Day Update

  1. Aunt Lou says:

    Mr. P, I hope you get better.

    Lots of love, Aunt Lou

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