New Carpet Day!!

We got new carpet in 2 rooms today: Baby 2.0’s room and a bedroom in the basement.

I know what you’re thinking, “isn’t a queen bed a little much for a baby?”

You are so right!  This bed is actually in here because we’ve got some visitors coming and we thought they’d like to test out this fancy new room instead of hanging out on an air mattress elsewhere.  When they’re gone, the bed will be moved downstairs to the basement:

This room still needs some paint on the walls and a few other things before it’s really “ready.”  This will be the room for people to stay in when they come visit us & the new baby this summer.  It’s nice and cool in the basement, and right across the hall from it is a full bathroom.  The rest of the basement currently looks like a horror movie/lumber yard so we need to clean it up before we host anybody down there.

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