Neonatalogist Visit & 24 Week Update

Yesterday we met with the neonatalogist (new baby doctor) at the hospital.  He was super nice.  Here is what he told us about Baby 2.0:

He said that the particular perinatalogist (fetus doctor) who did our 19 week ultrasound and made the original diagnosis is really really thorough and so if she thought the heart and kidneys looked good, then they were good.

He also said that because of that, and because it’s only one limb affected, more than likely it was caused by a vascular issue, perhaps from a clot.  It is called a “transverse limb reduction defect.”

When Baby 2.0 is born, he’ll get x-rays so we can see what bones are there.  He will see a hemotologist to do testing to rule out any clotting disorders that may have caused a clot.  If that shows anything, we’d have to test ET too, although right now this looks pretty unlikely.  He emphasized that right now it looks like it was just a random fluke unconnected to anything else, and the blood tests will be able to confirm that.

Baby 2.0 will also probably see a plastic surgeon eventually – if he does have any usable hand bones he might be able to get some sort of a pincher grip made out of what bones/skin he’s got.

I (Christine) will go back for ultrasounds at 30 weeks and again at 36 weeks to make sure nothing new has popped up.  The actual labor and delivery should be uncomplicated and unaffected by all this.

The doctor told us that in Baby 2.0’s opinion, he is normal and we are the abnormal ones.  The more we emphasize any differences, the more he’ll feel abnormal – so we shouldn’t try to make anything easier for him or make special accomodations. He most likely will not need or want prosthetics for anything.

In other news, Elliott would like to name his little brother “Cuddle.”  We’ll see about that.

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