We met with our OB/GYN this morning for our 20 week appointment (halfway there!).  The plan we have is to get ultrasounds every 6 weeks to check the growth of Baby R 2.0, and they are helping us schedule an appointment with a Neonatalogist.

A neonatologist is a “new baby” doctor, more specialized than a pediatrician.  The doctor we are being referred to is the director of the NICU and he has all the connections we may need, such as orthopedists, prosthetists, rehabilitation/therapy doctors, geneticists, etc.  We’ll probably be meeting with him in about a month or so to try and nail down a game plan, so we know more about what we’ll be doing when Baby 2.0 arrives.

Most of you probably aren’t aware, but the hospital Elliott was born in has the most births of any hospital in Arizona, and it also has a level III NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).  This last year, they built a brand-new state of the art Children’s Medical Center right next to the main hospital.  We haven’t been there yet (fingers crossed) but it has everything a kid with special needs could ever want or need, and we’re so lucky it’s in our own city!

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