It's Another Boy!

We are expecting a 2nd boy (and little brother for Elliott!) sometime around June 15.  We’re still on the hunt for a good name so there is nothing to report on that front.

In other news we found out that baby #2 has what’s called a “limb defect,” meaning that he has a short left arm and no hand.  We won’t really know exactly what he’s got until he’s born.  Apparently this kind of birth defect is somewhat common (1 in 2500) and can just happen randomly, without any specific cause.  The doctors say that this kind of defect doesn’t slow kids down, because they don’t know any differently.

Now that we know it’s a boy we can start getting his room ready.  We have to get new carpet and paint the walls, so that will be our next big project.

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2 Responses to It's Another Boy!

  1. MeMa R says:

    MeMaw is very excited because now I can start shopping again. PaPaw has threatened to take away my credit card! And since Baby 2 will be born in the summer and Elliott was born in the winter, the new baby will need clothes of a different size. Kohls, here I come!

  2. little brother says:

    Baby #2 is gonna rock – definitely looking forward to him! If you guys need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to call. Love you guys!


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