Summer Updates

It’s been a weird summer. We decided that we liked Oregon better than Washington state for a lot of reasons, so we put our house up for sale at the end of April so we could go visit Oregon and buy a house there.  We thought our house would sell fast and we’d be moved maybe even before school got out in June.  Well, instead we decided to build a house around the corner and up the street from our old house in Oregon, which meant we couldn’t really sell ours til later in the summer.  While we waited, we had to tear out a horrible semi-above-ground pool in our lovely yard and endure the most ridiculous buyers traipsing through our house.

Normally I’m a pretty calm person but when the pool guy told me he couldn’t fix our liner and we needed to tear out the pool I was not pleased. Especially because I had a house showing the next day.  Not cool.

This is our literal money pit now:


What else is new?  Elliott is on a summer swim team: 

His favorite event is the 50 yard freestyle.  He took 4 seconds off his time at the last meet.


We went to Victoria BC and ate real Canadian Poutine made by people from Quebec.

Some park in Victoria: 

This sunset picture is taken from Semiahmoo, WA, but the land across the bay is Canada.

I finally got our grown-up dining room set!  From Craigslist of course. I picked up the chairs first, there are TEN of them.  Then Evan and a friend picked up the table on our anniversary. We’re totally adults now.

I gave our old table to a college student.  I bought this set before Evan and I got married…I think it was 15 years ago!  I recently refinished the top, it looked way worse before that.

I love having a truck 

I mean, I don’t really NEED 10 chairs but I’m not going to say no to that.  Party at my house!

And speaking of my house, this is what it looked like the last time my neighbor sent me an update:

We’re moving in sometime around the end of august-ish.

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