New Old Sideboard

We have a spot in our dining room for a sideboard or some sort of china cabinet.  I had been looking for one on craigslist for quite a while.  Every once in a while I’d see one I liked but the price was not ideal. Then shortly before Thanksgiving I saw this beauty posted on Craigslist.  I emailed them, and never heard back.  I figured someone else beat me to it.  Then I saw it reposted again after Thanksgiving.  I pounced!

I almost walked away when I saw it in person.  The pictures online didn’t show some damage it had on the top veneer and where one of the back legs was crudely repaired after a break.  I really liked the style and hardware on it, and knowing that I had never seen any other ones like this posted for sale,  I talked the guy down some $ and took it home. Sidenote: this was an Evan-approved purchase 🙂

I actually had no idea furniture this old used veneer, but I suppose it makes sense.  Anyhow, I found this awesome Youtube channel and got to work.  I cleaned off 100 years of gunk.  SO GROSS and yet so satisfying.  I fixed the back leg with some epoxy.  Whoever repaired it before me literally screwed a metal plate on it to connect the two pieces. I found a local antique place where I could get a “new” old wheel to replace one caster that was missing.  All the wheels are made out of wood – pretty cool.

The top was in rough shape. The veneer had water damage on one side and had lifted. Thanks to my Youtube dude, it was an easy fix.

Veneer is now flat, but it needed to be refinished to even it out.

Sanding and oxalic acid to lighten the water stains

You can still see the large water stain.  Sometimes there is nothing you can do about this.  I could technically get the top re-veneered but I can live with this as-is.

Staining the top.  Got lucky, found a cheapie minwax stain that pretty much matches the rest perfectly.

Here is a closeup of the hardware.  A lot of these craftsman-style sideboards are simpler, with wood drawer pulls.  I really like how these add some extra decoration to it.  It’s fancy without being FANCY, ya know?  The only thing it’s missing is a key to the drawers, but that’s OK.

The funny thing is – I usually hate oak furniture.  There is something special about tiger oak though…so pretty!  Next on the list would be to find a table that somewhat “matches” this.  Most of them I’ve seen are round/oval.  I prefer rectangular tables, so I’ll have to keep waiting.

PS: WordPress did some automatic update and wrecked this site hard.  I had to take down all my plugins so some things may look wonky until I fix it for realsies.

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