I almost forgot how to log in and make a post here.  Bad, I know.

Long story short: we moved in, found a flea problem and between that and my grad school classes it doesn’t look like much is being accomplished around the house.

Latest update: I haven’t seen any fleas in about a week.

And this:


Here is some food for thought/advice: it’s really hard to find a cello teacher.  It’s kind of a pain to transport a cello because it takes up a seat.  Cellos cost more money.  If you want easy logistics, play violin.  They teach violin lessons at the boys’ school, but only a beginners class.  PJ isn’t quite ready for that, plus he needs attachments.  ET is beyond that, cellowise.  So luckily the teacher who handles the year 2 class was willing to take on a cello.  This means that the violins in the class need to play in a different key to accommodate him, which is tolerable I suppose.  It’s a small class, there are 5 violins…and then Elliott.  Luckily he fits in ability-wise, though until last week he was the only boy.  The new boy had never seen a cello and was very impressed, so I think Elli is enjoying his “special” status.

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3 Responses to Surfacing

  1. Gen says:

    When I was in 4th grade, I wanted to change from violin to cello. My mom didn’t let me, convinced me to do 1 more year of violin. Then I played violin for like 10 more years. Moral of the story: let him play cello!

    Also, how far are you from Richland now? I know a fantastic cellist and awesome guy there.

    • Christine & Evan says:

      Not close to Richland. There are many in Seattle, but we are just far enough away from there that it’s not really do-able.

  2. Elliot's grandfather's brother Richard says:

    Watch and listen to 2CELLOS – YouTube. The music was sent to us from Natalija Remenih, Elliot’s greatgrandfather’s sister’s great granddaughter in Šmartno ob Paki, Slovenia.

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