Finally, a house!

For us, the third time was the charm.  House #1 accepted our offer, and then the inspection revealed a LOT of expensive problems – an attic chock full of mold, a not terribly old but worthless roof, rotted decks, etc, etc.  House #2 supposedly accepted someone else’s offer, but the sellers have a messy divorce situation and I’m not entirely sure that they were being truthful.

House #3 almost wasn’t.  The pictures online were atrocious and we almost didn’t go see it.  The pictures were from a previous listing and weren’t sized right, so they were all pixelated.  It’s definitely not decorated anywhere near what we like, so it’s going to need a lot of paint before it feels like home.  It’s really similar in size and layout to our last house.

I had hoped to get some better pictures at our inspection…but the sellers were having a birthday party at that time, and so not only were they home, but so was all the birthday kid’s friends too.  Which meant I couldn’t measure stuff and photograph things without looking too jerky.

We did get to meet the sellers, who were very nice.  They are actually buying a house nearby that we also looked at (I swear we have seen EVERY house in this vicinity!).  Closing should be at the end of August if all goes well.  Here are some pics that I scrounged up from elsewhere.

One of the big selling points was the yard.  We looked at homes with 5 acres, and we looked at some with pretty much no yard at all.  This is a nice happy medium, about half an acre and a POOL, which I think is hilarious because it’s way too cold for this kind of nonsense.  It’s actually one of those above ground pools and if you walk around to the back side the yard slopes down and you can see the side of it.  The downside is there is an HOA, and i’m not sure if I can get away with chickens.  The rules do say you can have “caged birds” so I’m going to have to feel them out to see if that is something I can get away with.

family room
It’s a wee bit frilly in here right now.


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  1. Richard Remenih•Uncle Richard says:

    Thanks for sharing. Best of luck completing your deal.

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