Oh my things have been CRAZY.

Summary: things are okay and our house is essentially sold.

Long Story: Two weeks ago we were getting ready for our house to be listed on the MLS.  That sunday we noticed a few odd bruises on Milo the dog.  Later that evening there was more broken blood vessels in his ears, on his gums, etc.  So first thing on monday I took him to his vet.

The vet took one look at him and then told me to go to an emergency hospital in Portland.  She didn’t even charge me to see him.  So instead of washing windows, Milo and I head to NW Portland and spend 4 hours there getting blood tests.  While I’m there waiting, Evan texts me to say that our house hit the MLS and the listing has gone live.  The vet called me back to a room and basically told me that Milo had no platelets, so no ability to clot blood – it was an autoimmune thing.  She gave him a very poor prognosis and suggested that I admit him to their hospital and begin some sort of chemo immediately.  The medicine was $1000 for a dose and she said she didn’t know if it would work.  I couldn’t believe it.  He was acting totally normal but if he injured himself he would basically hemorrhage.  He doesn’t even like having his nails clipped, and the kids had no idea that he was even “sick” so I declined treatment and took him home so they could say goodbye and prepare for the worst.  They gave me prednisone to give him.

So the next few days were teary and watching him like a hawk for any bad signs – meanwhile having to leave the house for showings every day or so.  Then I checked in with his vet again and she said that while this is serious, it isn’t always a death sentence and to keep him still/quiet and see if the prednisone helps.  I took him back several days later and his platelets had increased from basically 0 to 132.  200-500 is normal, so this was SUPER good news.  I took him back a few days ago and he is back into the normal range.
Photo May 13, 6 56 21 PM

On sunday we accepted an offer on our house from a very nice couple.  We close at the end of June-ish, so now we need to start looking for a new place for us.  We’re headed up to Washington the weekend of memorial day weekend to shop.  It sounds like their market is pretty hot, and we’ll have to be ready to pounce that day if we see something we really like.  So, like, not intimidating or stressful at all.

Next time I’ll have to post some before/after pics of the house.


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