Parent Teacher Conference Time!

Yesterday we had our first Parent-Teacher conferences of the year.  It’s always an interesting experience to hear things you already know combined with stuff about your kid that you don’t know.  In short, PJ is doing very well and is progressing ahead of schedule with many of the kindergarten benchmarks.  I know a lot of people love to hate on the Common Core standards but I really like them.  It’s easy to find out what is expected of kids at various grade levels and track progress – and knowing that it is the same for all schools is helpful in case we ever move.  PJ’s teacher said he would be in the top reading group if he was a little better with participation in group activities.  He is smart and independent, but doesn’t always like to do what he is supposed to do.  Mmm hmm.

Elliott is doing pretty well in math and reading, and got many compliments for his positive attitude and just generally being a happy kid and eager learner.  He needs to work on staying on task and not chatting up his classmates so much.  He is reading at about a 3rd grade reading level currently, and has been getting into some longer books lately.  Today he also got a compliment from one of his strings teachers about how he is looking very good in class and he is very good at keeping in tune, which is apparently not super common at this point in the class.

PJ had his first field trip to the pumpkin patch yesterday, he had a great time 🙂  Here he is with our neighbor gal from a few houses over.

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