New Routines

Now that both boys are in school we have some new routines we’re all adjusting to.  Elliott started string lessons at the university and we brought home a Cello on tuesday.  He can’t play anything with it yet, but supposedly they have some sort of concert near the end of the semester.  There are university music ed majors helping teach the kids under the supervision of a professor.

Photo Oct 01, 4 51 04 PM Photo Oct 01, 4 50 00 PM

PJ learned about fire drills and safety at school.  He came off the bus looking like this.
Photo Sep 30, 6 21 05 PM

Speaking of the bus, he loves riding it.  We got some new neighbor girls a few houses down, their oldest is in kindergarten also.  It’s fun having lots of kids at the bus stop!
Photo Sep 09, 9 25 38 AM

One day he brought flowers for the principal, his teacher and the secretary.
Photo Sep 09, 9 25 14 AM

This is just a random photo of him posing like a mannequin while we were shopping for jeans.  He asked me to take this picture…so here it is.
Photo Sep 07, 1 47 28 PM


Both boys are pretty exhausted by the end of the day.  We’ve been putting them to bed a bit earlier than usual.  PJ still needs to be woken up in the morning, that kid sure loves to sleep in.  So far we have only had a few over-tired meltdowns, so I’m considering that a back-to-school success.

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