Summer Fun

It has been such a HOT summer here.  I thought last summer was hot but this year it’s been an extended heat wave with many days in the mid/upper 90’s.  I think a lot of weather records are being broken this year.  We haven’t had any rain in about a month either.  I enjoy it, but it does make it difficult to get outside work get done after the morning hours.
2015_06_3233  2015_06_3247 2015_06_3259

Both boys have been doing swim lessons.  PJ is getting closer to completing preschool level 2 and Elliott just passed into school age level 5.

ET sat out this round of lessons to go to string camp again, and we will probably sign him up to play with the string program this fall.  He’s in the middle of this first picture in a black vest.

2015_07_3422 2015_07_3425 2015_07_3429


He has been singing/humming all the songs he learned at camp while he plays at home.  (adorable)

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