Aloha from Kauai

If you’ve seen my Instagram you may have suspected that I was not in Oregon, and you’d be correct. Last Friday Evan and I (no kids, weeeee) arrived in Kauai for 10 year anniversary vacation. Yes, TEN YEARS (ok fine, 10 years in June. I’m rounding up!) Is kinda hard to believe!

Anyway, if I ever come into money, I would get a place in Kauai in a heartbeat. I have been to Oahu before, but like a million years ago. The magic of Kauai is that it is small, rural and therefore more unspoiled and drop-dead gorgeous. Wild chickens wander everywhere. Wild orchids grow all over the place.

The beaches are beautiful, and very different than Oregon’s. In Oregon we have more typical low/high tides and the beach looks very different depending on the tide. Here the coast is steeper, which means much shorter beaches, not ugh tide change and CRAZY BIG waves. I have seen surfers in CA but they have nothing on the north shore out here. I won’t go out in the water past my knees because the waves will come every so often above your waist and they are wicked strong. There are tally signs everywhere keeping track of drownings 😳

For the past week we have been hanging out at a condo on the north shore and then tomorrow we will venture south. We hiked along the Na Pali coast, which was pretty awesome/hardcore for us. Today we kayaked along the Hanalei river. I have to type all this now because I’m sure my arms will fall off tomorrow.

I didn’t take my big camera because we are traveling light and Google has better pictures than I could take here. These are my phone pics:









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