Stairway Re-do

A few weeks ago, Evan went to Vegas for his annual March Madness trip so I took full advantage and made a huge mess that he would not have liked living amongst while he was out.

Go big or go home, I say.

I hate honey oak. Sorry mom and dad, I know you like it…but…NO. I got tired of looking at it and decided to “stain” it. The only true way to stain is to strip down to bare wood. Which would take a billion years and cause a ridiculous mess, even by my standards. I cheated by using a tinted polyurethane. Gel stain also came highly recommended and that was my plan B, only because no stores near me had the shade I wanted. Black paint was plan C. You can’t use tinted poly for a lot of things ( never on floors!!), but for this, it was great. I wanted to match it to some dark strips inlaid in the floor and I think I got pretty darn close.
before (realtor photo before we bought it):


Then in between drying coats I started working on the army green. I like light wall colors. Sucks, since I live with a bunch of dirty boys who like to drive their hotwheels on my walls but I will continue to fight the good fight. Some jerk in the past must’ve gotten a caulk gun for Christmas or something and had no idea how to use it; they caulked a ton between the wall and the trim AFTER painting. Whyyyy?!?! You know what never comes clean? Caulk. Also, it messes up my tight straight paint lines that I love so dearly. So I ended up having to chisel out all that stupid caulk to find the trim edges. Then caulked the gaps neatly. THEN painted over it, with good, cleanable paint.

People!! Caulk first, then paint.

I have to hire a guy to finish painting the foyer for me since it’s so tall. I hope our light fixture bulbs last a long time because I have no idea how we’re going to change them out, I’d need a 20 foot ladder for that (hint hint Evan).

Next I need to pick a color for the upstairs hall. Evan wants something darker so we’ll have to see what looks good. I don’t know if other paint companies post this info but my favorite Ben Moore puts LRV (light reflectance values) numbers with all their paint colors, and they can custom lighten or darken colors as well. Since I know what LRV numbers Evan thinks is too light I can look for numbers a bit lower and not have to test all of them out. BM also lets you order large sized paint chips for free and they mail them to you!! Saves me lots of trips to the paint store…good since it’s not close to home.

I still need to repaint all the white spindles because they just need a fresh coat, and then someday I’d love to rip out the stair carpet and put stained oak treads and white risers. So classy! I could do pine for cheaper but oak would match the floors and can tolerate wear better. I can imagine Evans eyes bugging out over all this but it’s just the right thing to do. 🙂

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