Spring in Oregon

We’ve been busy taking advantage of our unseasonably warm weather here.  I got a wild hair to re-level the lawn and got about half of it done.  If I was smart, I would have just rented a sod cutter and done it that way.  But I didn’t.  Oh well…The seed is down and hopefully in a few weeks it won’t look like such a mudhole.

Our yard has some interesting angles.  There is a retaining wall at the back, and the lawn has some slope going down to the back and from the right side to the left.  The level of the grass at the top was above the sidewalk, so the sidewalk could never be swept/rinsed off and it made the slope a little more dramatic than necessary.  The slope at the very bottom was steep, and it dropped off into a bark dust planter area…so it was a mowing nightmare.  We put a blanket down on the lawn last summer and it was so lumpy and uncomfortable…so I decided instead of trying to find and fill those random spots, might as well just shave off the top layer and start over.   The left half is done and seeded, once that grows in and my back recovers I’ll work on the right half.




I added some retaining wall type blocks, only one level high, so that I can separate the lawn and mow the edges without falling off the lawn.  They will continue on once I get more of them, and I will raise the dirt level below them to help hold them steady.  I also had to make my raised bed a bit more narrow and now it’s down at the lower part of the yard.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the chicken area yet.  I might plant something for them there and then fence it off a bit so they can wander in a slightly bigger yard area outside their run.


This lovely area is where the raised beds were, and right now it’s a hot mess.  I need to move the good dirt down to the other raised bed and make a shade/cover for the AC unit.  This area is the hottest part of the yard by far, so it doesn’t work well for garden beds and AC units, go figure.  This might be a spot we add pavers to so Evan can put his smoker/grill out.  We’ll have to see if that works.  It’d be nice to add a bit of shade up here, but we don’t want to obstruct the view from that window either.  #firstworldproblems


Also on the to-do list this summer: sand and refinish the patio.  Thankfully it’s not that big and I have a friend with a belt sander.


Around the yard things are starting to sprout and bloom.  Lilacs above.


Daffodils in the side yard and front yard


Bulb city USA right here.  I dug up a lot of bulbs (coincidentally) when I was moving the pavers and shoveling bark dust.  I put them in a bucket, and filled it to the top and then some.  The only issue with doing that is you have no idea what is what.  I planted random bulbs in the fall and soon we will find out what colors are where.


Some of these things are new and some are leftovers from last year.  New Sedum, new-ish tulips, old hyacinth and lilies and columbines.


Hellebores are blooming, new bulbs are on the right side.


Random bulbs!  I am thinking about tying different colored threads on them so I can keep track of what’s what.  Then I can re-arrange them in the fall.  That sounds like a lot of work though, so maybe not.


Left strip was empty last spring, I added some plants in the fall and now the Hyacinths are blooming.  I love those, they smell great!  There should be other new stuff filling in over there too, if the frost didnt kill it off.  Right hand side…it’s there.  it doesn’t bother me enough yet to really mess it up.


y hot mess corner.  it’s not THAT bad, but it looks really random and disorganized.   I need to figure out what I’m doing here and re-arrange some things so it looks like it has some purpose.



Other half of the hot mess corner.  I got a salvia from a friend/neighbor and added it to the corner.  I ripped out some stuff that was overflowing onto the sidewalk last fall.

lower sideyard.  Random bulbs.  Haha, I was here.

The Back-Back.  I have made a sizable dent in my blackberry infestation.  I need to continue moving those dead vines to my yard waste container.  I have TWO of those and I fill them up every week this time of year.

  A little raised bed I put in the back-back.  Look at me, I’m so good at growing things!  LOL.

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