Still here!!!

Oh wow, I haven’t posted here since Nov 2nd. Bad girl. Let’s see, what have we been up to lately?

I finally finished up our new chicken coop. It’s pretty nice. I don’t even have to go out in the rain to check the egg bin!Photo Nov 12, 1 18 10 PM
We had our first “snow day” from school. We got freezing temps and icy rain, but no snow. Because our district is really spread out and many kids come in from rural areas, it’s safer to cancel school if the roads are impacted at all.

I’ve been busy spray painting all of our 90’s gold doorknobs and hinges an oil-rubbed bronze color. You don’t realize just how many doors you have until you have to take off every single hinge.

Elliott got to light our town’s tree at the official Christmas Tree Lighting. It was completely random, and he was very proud.

We got our giant christmas tree from a local tree farm (it’s like 2 miles away). The tree is about 11.5 feet tall, though there is room to go taller, we don’t have too much more room to go wider at the bottom. Or heavier, since poor Evan has to lug this thing around.Photo Nov 30, 2 06 27 PM

Photo Dec 02, 5 10 49 PMOur Elf on the Shelf came back and he already had to boycott us one day and stay at the north pole because some little boys were not making good choices. Sessy the Elf only hangs out in the house if boys are good.

The boys are very much in the Christmas spirit (loving the Jingle Bell Rock song) and seeing all the lights on houses. The concept of buying a gift for someone else is a difficult concept for some to grasp and I’m hoping that it will all make sense during the present opening.Photo Dec 16, 4 17 20 PM
“To Mrs Butterworth and henrietta and roxy from elliott and patrick”

Photo Nov 29, 1 48 45 PM

Elliott and I won a nerdy research lego set from a contest that a local microscope company posted online. I think I am the most excited about this news item.Photo Dec 04, 7 59 27 PM
This was our entry.  We will be getting our new lego set in the mail.
Photo Dec 04, 8 00 11 PM

I have been busy with PTO stuff and hope to regain some of my sanity after mid-march. I have been tasked with managing our school’s biggest fundraiser of the year (auction) and i’m sure i will abandon this poor blog again before it’s over.

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  1. Mark Lucitt says:

    Nice update. I hope Sessy is back in the house enjoying the warmth. Is that a picture of the front of your house? Nice decorations…


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