Sick Visit

Elliott’s 15 month well-visit was scheduled for next week.  Of course, he got sick the week before (yesterday) just like he’s done for the last 3 well visits.  Luckily they were nice enough to move up his appointment and now the little man is taking some cough medicine and antibiotics for [another] an ear infection.   They also gave him his shots, poor kid has had a rough day.

A few days ago he started say “ki-ki” for “Stinky,” it’s pretty cute – until you remember he has more terms of endearment for the DOG instead of his dear old mother.  We’re also going to be getting ready to head out to Indiana for Elliott’s Great-Grandma Josephine’s 90th birthday party next weekend.  This will be his 2nd time on a plane but his first time going to Indiana.

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