Toy Hack

Around the time we moved to Portland ET was asking for “bwaybways” for Christmas.  At least, that’s what it sounded like.  We’d ask him what he wanted, and that’s what he said.

We had no clue what he was talking about.

We finally figured it out after seeing a commercial for “Beyblades,” which is both a cartoon (manga style) and a spinning top toy.

Evan found some Bey-wheels (or is it Bey-wheelz?  whatever) at Costco so we got those. Well they are sorta the same but instead of spinning like a top they roll like a wheel.  Apparently Bey-anything is very popular for little boys.  :shrug:

Patrick couldn’t hold the little base and pull the launcher with one hand.  So with our thinking caps on we came up with this easy-peasy solution:


It’s true.  Duct tape can fix anything.


We strapped the base thingie onto a piece of PVC pipe.  Did I take my kid to Home Depot and try on various sizes of pipe on him?  You bet.  You have to put in the yellow launcher thing first, and then affix the “beywheel” to it.  It’s a little tricky for small hands, but it can be done:


Pull back on the launcher, and off the wheel goes.  We are still working on perfecting these motions to get maximum roll-age.


I do dress them.  Every day.  Multiple times.  Sigh.


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