New Bike Thingie

Despite the awful traffic and SNOW this morning we headed out to Shriners for our OT appointment to lengthen PJ’s bike handlebar piece.  It’s made out of this really cool plasticky sheets that are put into a hot water bath, which softens it so you can shape it however you want.  As it cools it changes from clear to white and is rock solid.

Lisa is our OT at Shriners in Portland.  She and a student/apprentice worked on the adjustments and then covered the whole thing in a cool blue color.


The boys found all kinds of cool things to play with while the gals worked.

I don’t have a picture of the final product.  Somebody was mad he couldn’t ride it out of the hospital (it was still cooling).  Then on the way home a light came on in the car so we detoured to the Honda service department.  Long story short the hybrid has to get a new big battery.  sigh. #thankgoodnessforwarranties

Maybe I’ll take a picture of it tomorrow…if we can stand the cold.  It’s supposed to be like 20 degrees out.  😥


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