Special things

This post brought to you by special things.

1. The boys asked me to take a picture of their special stuffed animals: The Bear and The Frog.



2. I was in the middle of something (dishes, reading, something like that) and ET says “Mom, come here!  You need to take a picture of this!  I can’t bring it in the house.*”
That boy loves his chicken.  You’ll note that Henrietta has a bandage on her foot…she had an incident and broke her foot.  I think she collided with a fast running toddler in the yard.

I can sympathize, girl.

I took her splint off today and she is doing much better.   Also, Mrs. Butterworth seems to be less neurotic lately.

*statement is a result from a real conversation about how chickens are not allowed in the house – after said chicken was brought in the house.

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One Response to Special things

  1. Lorie Gookin says:

    You seriously could do a book of photos and captions from happenings at the homestead with your kids and animals. The pics are beautiful, and capture so much feeling. Your writing is great too!
    Miss you on the Club 61…

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