Moved and stuff

So.  We moved last week to a different house in a new town.  We have way too much stuff and moving is a pain, but what else can you expect?  So far things are really great at our new place!  The boys have started swim lessons and they have been having fun in the backyard and also riding their bikes back and forth out front.

I just found my camera memory card reader so here are some pics of what we’ve been doing:

The house has 2 koi ponds in back.  Someone fancies himself to be quite the fisherman.  Unfortunately 5 seconds after this picture was taken, I told him to step back or he’d fall in.  And then he fell in. (true story)


We’ve had some amazing, oddly warm weather these last few weeks.  It was 85 degrees AT THE COAST.  So you know it, we went there.  It was the first time the boys could actually wear swim trunks and had to put on sunscreen:




And last, but not least, we finally added some girls to this house:




The boys are so excited about them.  They are very good and gentle with the chicks.  I didn’t get 2 of the breeds I preferred (gold laced wyandotte and blue andalusian) but I think we did alright.  Maybe if I don’t traumatize Evan with all this I can acquire them in the future 😉



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  1. MeMaw says:

    Cheerios are going to go by the wayside. It will be scrambled eggs everyday. Adorable pictures!!!

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