Thoughts on PDX

Well we’ve been here almost 2 weeks now. We’re moved in to our rental house, but not totally unpacked yet. I sprained my wrist on the 2nd day of unpacking because I’m graceful like that, so that has slowed the settling process considerably.

It is lovely and lush and green here. And a bit squishy right now. Last week it rained for 4 days straight. All day, all night long. It wasn’t that bad. I think having reasonable expectations of the rain helps. This area is a rainforest so it makes sense that it rains a lot. The plants need the water so I can’t begrudge them that. So far the weather doesn’t bother me. I’m still working on adding some things to my closet to help out with the cold dampness, and then I’ll be set.


The air is really clean here. The tap water tastes like heaven to me. You practically need a spoon to consume the tap water in Arizona so we are enjoying the improvement. Portland is a city divided into 4 main quadrants and it contains many MANY individual little communities/neighborhoods.

We live in the SW quadrant:
All those little named neighborhoods are technically Portland. I think they used to be tiny towns that eventually became part of Portland. There are about 100 neighborhoods in Portland, each have their own unique little things and quirks. Ours has a really nice little community center/library down the road.
I really like that part of it- the community feel here. It feels a bit old-fashioned. Most of the businesses are independently owned, especially in the older parts of town. The schools are small and connected to the day care centers, which are connected to the community centers, which offer a lot of classes & events for kids and adults, all hours of the day. Oregonians are very friendly, and very green. There is a lot of rain boots and fleece and Subaru wagons. They are all about function and the great outdoors here.

We live 5 miles from Evan’s work and 5 miles from downtown. In Phoenix terms, that’s very close, and pretty much unheard of. In Phoenix, you’d hop on a 5 lane freeway and be 25 miles away in 30 minutes. Here, the driving is much more crowded, slower, more polite, and it takes a while to go a few miles. The priorities are different here – people don’t live far out in suburbs to get good schools and cheap rent to the extent that they do in Arizona. There aren’t a lot of McMansions or cookie cutter houses.

I have been slacking with my pictures – which is why I haven’t had much to share lately. I’m adjusting to staying home with the kids and trying to keep them entertained while navigating the lay of the land. I had 3 interviews for a job right before we arrived and was ultimately not hired for it (sad). No other leads yet, so for now, home I stay. Hopefully soon I will have more to post!


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