Baby's 1st Christmas

Today was a great day! Aunt Lou spent the night for Christmas Eve and we made frosted sugar cookies to leave for Santa and his elves. ET slept in ’til 7:30 and Grandma Mary Ann and Grandpa Bob got here a little later. Elliott opened most of his presents with just a little bit of help and loved them all.




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  1. Tom Young says:

    hi elliott im back after xmas lots to do we can see the lake from here we can see a aligator in the lake. he is about 7 foot long he comes out on the bank when the temperature is 80 degree and suns. there are lots of big birds with him. the birds take turns flying like they are puting on a show. there many kinds of birds large ones.2 ft high.enough on that i saw your trip to the forest to cut your xmas tree. it is good size.let you go now . im learning to type .will get this proof read.

    love grandpa tom