Tonight was the night that Benjamin Moore and I painted the last room in the house. To be fair, I do have a bunch of touch ups to do everywhere else but that’s about it, paint-wise.   I kind of enjoy painting, the physical part of it is…calming (?) for me.  I love pulling up the tape and seeing razor straight lines on the trim, and I’m weird about not peeking at the overall effect until the room is done.   There is something satisfying abut making something ugly into something pretty.  There was a LOT of ugly in this house, but now it’s actually  pretty nice.

The obvious downside to buying a foreclosure is that you buy it as-is, ugly and broken.  CitiBank didn’t care if there was animal poo on the carpet or holes in the roof.  I do care about those things, and obviously we fixed THAT, but in the interest of time and money we didn’t fix a lot of little things, like trip hazards and holes in garage drywall.  Well, now we DO have to fix them for the next buyer.  Cue the stress.

The good thing is, our house is a bit unusual and even though it’s not officially For Sale yet, our realtor has received several inquiries about it.  There is a sign out front, and it makes for some awkward drive-bys.  The house will be on the market at the end of next week or early in the week after.  We have a lot of work to do in the next few days so that everything looks awesome for the pictures and to prepare for all the strangers who will soon be traipsing through my home.  A painter is going to transform our kitchen starting tomorrow…and unfortunately also transforming Evan’s beloved Notre Dame room downstairs.  You know, the one I JUST PAINTED this summer?  Realtors do not appreciate navy blue and gold.  ::cries::

Also, I DID NOT forget.  Today Elliott turned 4.  He wants to skip to 5 but I told him no.  His party is tomorrow so hopefully I will have pics to share later.   I should be making his cake right now but I underestimated the amount off sugar we have so now I have to wait until tomorrow morning.  Luckily I am awesome at procrastination so I think it will all be ok.

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  1. Grandpa says:

    Happy birthday Elliott. Are we invited to the party via Skype? We’ll be good and not eat too much cake, promise.

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