Watch out, you’re next!

New light I put in on Sunday:

We have realtors coming today to give us the scoop on selling our house. The good news is, I’ve been slowly working my way through the house since we’ve bought it and it’s mostly okay.

The downside is, I am not done, I was partially done with a few random projects when we found out moving was a possibility, and the remaining rooms are downright scary. And after all that work, I am not the one who will get to enjoy it! I finished up the boys’ bathroom yesterday, and it looks much better now.

The boys and I went to Home Depot today to get a new light to replace our entry way light and while we were there, they had a kids’ workshop going on. ET made a little house/bank. It looks like a bird house but has a slot for money. I have a feeling it will be modified into some sort of Matchbox Car garage. We need to work on his hammering technique.




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