Moving Along

The week before Christmas, Evan and I took an impromptu trip to Portland, Oregon to check out the area. He was offered a job up there, and after meeting some people and poking around town, he officially accepted.

Evan will be moving first, as he starts his new job on February 6th. I will probably hang out with the boys here in Phoenix a while longer, as we have to sell our house and while I’m here, I’m gainfully employed.

The good news is, Portland is really nice. It’s very green and pretty, and there’s lots of cool outdoorsy things to do. The bad news is we won’t have any family up there and the wintertime will be a wee bit colder.

Here are some phone pics from our mini trip:





Just Do It


What every child of the 80’s desires:

View of Mt. Hood from a residential neighborhood:

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2 Responses to Moving Along

  1. Amy says:

    super exciting!! We are looking forward to this next chapter for you guys and can’t wait to come visit. I have the BEST childhood memories of a trip we took to Oregon for a family reunion. Dave and I plan to repeat with Jedi and now we have an even better excuse to do it 😉

  2. Katie says:

    Consider me jealous. Oregon is awesome!!! Congrats!

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