Happy New Year!

I was snoozing instead of ringing in the New Year last night/this morning.  Good thing, because PJ woke up at 5:30 again.  We didn’t do anything too exciting today.

I made some orange/pommelo rind candy.  I have pictures, but I’ll post them later.

I was going to make a post about goals and whatnot, that’s the thing to do this time of year, right?  A lot of things are up in the air right now so the goals are kinda foggy.  I have thought about trying to do (another) 365 Project (take a picture every day for a year) and I just can’t commit.  I took a picture (of the candy) today in case I decide to do it.  Bah, indecisiveness.

Overall, my goals are:

1. Buy less stuff from China.  No offense to the Chinese.  The Chinese rock!  It’s half principle and half challenge.  I love a good challenge; I’m stubborn like that.

2. Try to make more vegetarian meals.  I pretty much suck at vegetarian stuff.  I’m not that creative.  Can you hear Evan groaning yet?   WATCH OUT sweetie, the veggies and grains are coming your way.  I was thinking about a “Meatless Monday” once-a-week kind of thing, but not necessarily on a monday because that is WAY TOO RESTRICTIVE.

3. Try to buy more local/natural food.  This is hard because of $ and seasons and logistics and excuses.

4. Exercise regularly.  I’m nearly at the end of a 100 mile challenge in 100 days.  Walking, running, whatever.  I’m going to make it.  Barely.  I’m on week 4 of Couch to 5K.  There is a race I have been thinking about entering but it’s on ET’s birthday.  I haven’t planned his party or anything (hmm that should be goal #5) but here you can see indecisiveness strikes again.

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One Response to Happy New Year!

  1. Aunt Lou says:

    I think making more veggie meals is a great idea. I still do this pretty regularly since that whole vegan phase I had – some recipes are just too good to add meat too. Check out lentils, its my go-to food when I want to trick James into eating better. He doesn’t even know I add them into things!

    We’re trying to eat salad everyday. I know its a tall order but its a must – I’ve been tracking how many fruits and vegetables I eat a day and comparing it to how many I actually should have. Its crazy how hard it is to get it all in!

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