Winter Harvest

So my experiment with green tomatoes worked out pretty well…the ones I picked turned red when I left them in our fruit bowl on the countertop for a week or so.

Today we decided to bring a bunch in so they can ripen together, and hopefully we can make a little more of that pasta sauce we like.

I’m pretty impressed.  This is maybe a little more than half the fruit on the tomato plants.  The ones I left are still small and hopefully they’ll grow a little more?

While we were outside, I checked on the oranges.  Two of our trees have GIANT fruit this year.  The other two trees aren’t producing at all.  I have no idea what influences this, but apparently it’s normal.  We’re going to get a nice haul this year:

I’m slacking a bit on the rest of the garden but we’ve got some chinese cabbage that will be ready to eat any day now.

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