Summer Projects

Here is the hobby room:

all i have left to do in there is change the outlets/covers.  (yay!)


The bathroom Papaw did while I was in DC:

the red still needs about 1 more coat.  i’ll get around to it eventually.

This is a sample of our kitchen cabinets.  I’m going to have them sandblasted and then stain them.  Pickled Oak is horrible!

the color we picked is the one on the right side, it’s a “dark walnut” color.  the sandblasting makes the grain a bit more textured than it currently is, but it still looks good.  Then it will be coated with a satin polyurethane.  this is semigloss polyurethane, so it won’t be quite this shiny.


Also, not pictured, i’m working on our fall garden.  I’m moving rock and getting ready to plant a large area.  It’s very exciting.  OK, really it’s not.  But when the plants grow, it will be.

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6 Responses to Summer Projects

  1. Pawpaw says:

    Wow, you are busy. Purple looks nice. How does it go with ND gold? I noticed the nice straight line on the red where it meets the tile. Very professional.

  2. Memaw says:

    Everything looks great. What a change in the storage room! Can’t wait to see all the cabinets that dark walnut color.

  3. Aunt Lou says:

    WOW – everything looks awesome! I can’t wait to see it in person in a month and a half. Is that an Ikea desk I spy?

  4. Pawpaw says:


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