9 Months Old

It’s getting increasingly difficult to take Elliott’s picture. He moves very fast and doesn’t like to sit still. He also likes to grab at the camera…

You can see the mischief in his eyes!

ET does the funniest thing now.  He loves his belly button.   He enjoys touching it, and exploring other people’s belly buttons as well.   The other day I asked him where his belly button was, and he put his hand on it!  I thought it was a fluke but sure enough, he knows the words “belly button” and he knows where his is!

Now… if I could just get him to say, “Ma Ma.”

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  1. Tom Young says:

    hi et lots to tell you sept we went to a weding in colorado guess who we saw there. then we we went to kansas city mo.for three weaks.got sick there one kidney stone removed. then flew to florida. got another stone there on the other side in the process of geting it removed one more week.well my finger is getting sore willlet you go .