Garden Update

We are swimming in tomatoes!  Here is our latest haul:

Most of them are Early Girls, the ones on the left are Romas that are starting to ripen.

I quickly discovered that i have to pick them before they’re totally red otherwise the birds get them.  I can’t really blame them, they are really good tomatoes.  Way better than grocery store ones!  Anyway, up until now, it’s been a trickle…a tomato here, a duo there.  Today we picked quite a few at once, which means…time to try canning them.  I am not totally sure what/how I’m going to do it.  I might eventually try to make pasta sauce out of them.  Usually I use store-bought tomato sauce and paste for it, so this would be a new thing for me.

Here is the garden:

Or should i say, “jungle?”  On the far left is garlic, and one roma plant.  Then I have 4 Early Girl tomato plants in the middle, one or two things of thyme.  The tall skinny thing is my romaine.  It’s blooming so I can grab the seeds soon.  The dying stuff on the right is spinach, I need to get those seeds too.  Also on the right: asparagus that i have needed to plant forever, and rosemary.

It’s hard to see but there are quite a few green tomatoes getting ready for me.  I am surprised that only a few plants can produce so much!

The garlic is almost done.  You’re supposed to pull them up when the tops die.  Then you have to dry them for a few weeks.  I planted those in the fall/winter.  I love me some garlic, but it takes SO LONG for it to grow and be ready to eat.  I need to plant a lot more or figure out how to stagger it so i can get it more often.

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2 Responses to Garden Update

  1. Grandma says:

    Wow… Nice job, honey! You must have the green thumb that I always wanted 🙂

  2. Christine & Evan says:

    haha don’t be fooled. many a tomato was sacrificed along the way in years past!

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