Schnepf Farm Peach Festival

Last year ET and I went on our first trip to Schnepf farm for Peaches.  This year we took Evan and Patrick too.  I wanted to do the U-Pick, but it’s not too easy when you have a baby to hold and it’s not exactly good stroller terrain.  Luckily they have flats of peaches up at the front so you can pick through them and grab one on your way out, without having to ride all the way back to the picking orchards.

Remember this ruler?  Haha same hat and everything!

Of course we rode the train.

View from the train

Then ET drove a wooden train in the play area.  “Mommy, you’re in the way.”


We also bought a pie.  I thought I made decent pie…these people know what they are doing.  Amazing pie!

Peach butter being canned.  Yummmmmm!


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  1. Amy Lucitt says:

    What an exciting day!! Too bad we don’t live closer to join in the festivities. I might need that recipe for peach butter… I have made peach jam but not peach butter… oh how delicious it sounds!!

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