Breakfast Chat

me: “Do you know who is coming to visit us soon?”

ET: “Who?”

me: “Aunt Amy and Uncle Dave!”

ET: “Oooooh!”

me: “Do you want to play with Uncle Dave?”

ET: “Yes but I want to play with Aunt Amy too.”

me: “Of course.  Did you know that Aunt Amy is going to have a baby?  And it will be your cousin.  Do you think it will be a boy or a girl?”

ET: “A boy!  Are they coming today?”

me: “No, honey, they are coming in a few weeks.  You can play with them then.”

ET: (sad face) “OK.  But we have to eat our Cheerios first!” (waves finger at me)

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One Response to Breakfast Chat

  1. Amy Lucitt says:

    bahahaha! That is classic 🙂 I especially enjoy the finger waving at mommy lol. We’re so excited to see you guys!! ET can join the long list of people convinced we’re having a boy. I guess we’ll see….

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