Below the Surface

There’s usually a few hidden surprises to discover when you buy a house.  This goes doubly for foreclosures.  We’ve fixed a lot of the obvious issues, but there are still a few things lurking beneath the visible surfaces.  Sometimes this is a good thing; sometimes not.

For instance, in the boys’ bathroom, the toilet is…tilted.

Dizzying, isn’t it?  In that bathroom, one of the tiles was loose enough to pry up and peer under.

A real solid tile job  (sarcasm).

Yep, that’s water damage.  And tile, pretty much right on top of the cheapest plywood subfloor ever.

Luckily that bathroom could use a remodel so it won’t hurt my feelings or anything to totally gut it and replace the subfloor with something a little more…substantial.  So the good news is eventually we’ll have a really nice new bathroom.  Let’s just focus on that!

Another hidden surprise we found was in this laminated beam thing over the dining area.  I was sitting at the table one rainy day and noticed a drip coming from it.  So we had to peel off the thin layer of “decorative wood” to investigate.  Turns out the leak was no big deal.  But the cool part is the raw beam underneath the laminate stuff looks way better without all that laminate over it!  So I think we’re going to take the rest of it off and stain the beam so it looks nice.

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  1. PawPaw says:

    I’ve got just the ticket. I know this soon to be retired remodeler that will need a little cash to get him and his wife through a couple of lean years until their ss kicks in. I can give you their number if you wish. Or will trade services for a reliable used motorhome.

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