Last fall I learned how to do both water bath and pressure canning.  We got a whole bunch of people together to learn and made a party out of it.  At the time, all I had was a stockpot for preserving small jars of jam, which is pretty easy.  Last spring I found a decent pressure canner at Ross and decided to get it.  I’ve only used it once but it wasn’t too scary.

One thing I try to do to save me some time is make meals ahead of time.  Usually I do this by making enough food for two dinners and freezing the leftovers, but sometimes I’ll set aside special time (usually on a sunday) to assemble more than that.  Pasta sauce is a favorite because it’s yummy and spaghetti is easy and fast to make on those nights that we have no clue what to eat.  I never made my own pasta sauce until pretty recently, but now I get giant cans of stuff from Costco and I can make 6 quarts and a pint jar of it to keep for later.  We use about a pint for each meal so there is the homemade sauce for 13 dinners* read for action.

*This idea will only work until Elliott and Patrick start eating enough to feed a small army.

Pasta sauce recipe is here!  (I’ve only made the meatballs once.  It was way too time consuming.  It’s much easier to buy and slice italian sausage.)

Also, the pressure canner works nicely in a pinch to brine a turkey in because it’s so big!

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