It’s a Girl!

(did i get your attention??)

Ha ha, not for us, but for Christine and Richard!  Now I’ve got to get busy and make something for Baby Harris the Third.

So here is the deal.  When their first, Emmie, was born, I did not know how to knit.  OK, fine.  Theoretically I knew how (my mom taught me when I was a wee lass), but I wasn’t actively doing so and had never made a real project before.  Shortly after Emmie was born, Elliott came along.  A friend (Becky, that’s you!) sent me a blue and white blanket she crocheted for him.  I was so impressed!  I had no idea she knew how to do that, and the thought that she took that time to make something for him blew me away.  I was sold.

So I was determined to re-teach myself the basics of knitting and crocheting so that I could make things for other people’s babies.  So when Emmie’s little sister Carey Ann came along, I was ready for action.  Except the hat I made for her came out a bit small.  Emmie was a gigantic newborn, so I ended up giving the hat to someone else and started over.  But Carey Ann came faster than I could knit, and she was a tiny little peanut!  So much for sizing…

ANYWAY.  So now we’ve got one more chance coming in March.  The third time’s the charm.  That kid WILL get something hand knit from me if it kills me.  I’d really like to make matchy stuff for all the girls but that’s pretty ambitious.  We’ll see about that.

I also have another friend having a baby in May.  Time to literally get on the stick and get knitting!

Also, for any of you so inclined to knit or crochet, is an awesome site with tons of free patterns and help!

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3 Responses to It’s a Girl!

  1. Becky says:

    You found me….I blog-stalk you and your adorable boys (and Evan). The internet is awesome for teaching yourself to crochet, or knit, but that’s looks too complicated for me. I’m so glad you liked the blanket for Elliott! I feel bad I was too busy to make something for Patrick…but maybe he’s gotten a little use from Elliott’s blanket.

  2. Christine & Evan says:

    haha wow i had no idea you read our blog! Actually Elliott still has the blanket on his bed, he insists on having it on him every night, despite the fact that his feet will soon be sticking out the other side of it.

  3. Aunt Lou says:

    That looks so pretty! Maybe when I come out you can help me get started in knitting, I’ve been wanting to for awhile.

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