Big Deal!

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Flower Power

The house we bought this spring (winter?) was once owned by an avid gardener.  She had some sort of master design going on here.  I have never seen a lot of the flowers here before, so I have no idea what most of it is, let alone how to care for it.

The yard was planned to be a succession garden, meaning that there is constant color and different things blooming at different times.  It’s pretty cool.

In early spring we had daffodils, then tulips scattered around the flower beds. The Japanese Pieris started flowering.

And then came the irises.  And Lilies (pink asiatic ones and yellow ones).  Lily of the Valley, too.  There were Hyacinths too, but I forget when.  We had lilacs bloom in April. Then we had purple columbines.

In June-ish we had these weird tallish flowers that sort of looked like pumpkins.  The leaves were fuzzy.  I am still trying to figure out what those were, I don’t have a picture (dumb i know).  Then the butterfly bushes, an unidentified white flowery bush and the hydrangeas flowered, they are almost done.  We also had these tall yellow spikes of flowers, now done, who knows what those were?  Yellow loosestrife?  Near those is (I think?) St. Johns Wort.  There was were two tall blue flowering stalks, maybe a delphinium?  It is done.  I need to hack it back.  Near it is one lone little purple liatris, I see them around the neighborhood and they are pretty.  I like that, and i think this one got bumped so it’s growing funny.  I would like more of these.

Now we have Crocosmias (I think), Dahlias, Chinese Lanterns starting to turn orange and these nice white bunches of flowers.  I don’t know what they are either but they smell nice.  I also have some unidentified yellow daisy-ish flowers (coreopsis?) and an unidentified large-leaf thing that apparently makes purple flowers.  We just identified some Lamium maculatum and Japanese Anemones.  I am sure there is more, I just need to wait and see.

Photo Jul 30, 4 36 46 PM
no clue what this is. Phlox?  it smells nice though!

Photo Jul 30, 7 42 40 PM
Hydrangeas, almost done.  They had been hacked back to almost nothing by someone who lived here for one year.  Hopefully next year they will do better.  We have a different kind of hydrangea on the side of the house too.
Photo Jul 30, 7 42 49 PM
Japanese pieris

Photo Jul 30, 7 43 07 PM
Same mystery flower from the first pic.  Maybe Phlox.

Photo Jul 30, 7 43 15 PM
Daisy-ish things.  Coreopsis?

Photo Jul 30, 7 43 36 PM
These are just now blooming and they appear to be plentiful.  Purple flowers.  Mystery.

Photo Jul 30, 7 43 50 PM
these were little yellow flowers.  another mystery.

Photo Jul 30, 7 44 29 PM

Photo Jul 30, 7 44 37 PM
Dahlia, next to butteryfly bush

Photo Jul 30, 7 44 43 PM
Butterfly Bush

Photo Jul 30, 7 45 06 PM
Mystery #4,592

Photo Jul 30, 7 45 16 PM

Photo Jul 30, 7 45 28 PM
Liatris.  It should be more upright, I think it is planted too shallow.

Photo Jul 30, 7 45 51 PM
St. Johns Wort?

Photo Jul 30, 7 46 14 PM
Chinese Lantern

Photo Jul 30, 7 46 30 PM
?Who knows?  Leaves look like columbine but these didn’t flower if memory serves me.

Photo Jul 30, 7 46 35 PM
his will bloom soon.  whatever it is.

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String Camp

A few weeks ago ET spent his mornings at the local university for string camp.  He got to learn about music and test out various string instruments. At the end of the week he played a few notes on a cello for the final performance.  He loved it!

2014_06_0355 2014_06_0358

He may have an opportunity to join the program starting this fall… we’ll see.  Technically it’s open to 2nd graders and up but maybe there is room for a certain 1st grader that we know and love.

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Wheat’s Up?

This picture brought to you by Party Shirts, jellybeans and the wheat field behind our house.

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Catch Up Time

School is done and now summer is underway!  Swim lessons, next week ET goes to String instrument camp (!!) and then swim here and there.

Here are pics from PJs birthday party:
2014_06_0073 2014_06_0079
we had a heck of a time lighting the candles because of the breeze but then ironically he had trouble blowing them out!

Memaw spotted a pheasant in the wheat behind the house.  I think it was lost!

And then today, we went blueberry picking.  I have actually never picked any myself before.  I’m more of a strawberry kind of gal.  PJ likes to sample the goods.

2014_06_0100 2014_06_0101 2014_06_0105
He refused to look at me for this photo.

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Happy Anniversary to Us

We’ve been busy for the last 9 years!  (and wow, NINE???)

Christine & Evan anniv

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Happy 4th Birthday

To my little babycake

pj bday4

Blame it on the mommy brain but I didn’t think 3 was so terrible.  This was kind of a big year for PJ: he dropped out of preschool to stay home with me, was diagnosed with epilepsy, potty trained, and learned how to ride a bike without training wheels.

Up on deck for year #4: pre-kindergarten!

PJ is learning how to use his words more though sometimes it is a struggle.  He LOVES playing with big brother Elliott – they are thick as thieves, those two – and also swimming, laughing, digging in the dirt, riding bikes and reading books.  His competitive streak is growing as he does, and he currently enjoys/is frustrated by basketball at the moment.  He is extremely opinionated on the color of his cup and plate and also enjoys selecting his own clothes.

Funny things he says:

Possibles (popsicles)
Pam-pakes (pancakes)
“Now just wait one little second” (whilst holding up his index finger)
“Let me tell you something”

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More Swim

Sometimes it seems like this is all we do…but that’s OK!

PJ brings flowers for his swim teacher.  He is SO IN LOVE with her!  It’s going to be interesting to see how he adjusts to a new teacher when we start summer sessions…


2014_04_0406 2014_04_0407
He is really close to passing this level (preschool level 1)

Starting blocks for big boys:

Someday I’ll have to make a video of ET swimming so you can see his mad skillz. He is in Preschool level 4 now (preschool because it’s during morning school hours, meaning = not crowded!) and will be switching to school age level 4 in a few weeks. There are 6 levels altogether, maybe when he finishes 6 we will put him in swim club.

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Heat Wave

We have had a heat wave here for the past few days and the kids have been having a blast playing outside.

2014_04_0433 2014_05_0461 2014_05_0471

And then tomorrow it will be cool and rainy (again).

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Happy Easter

It’s still fairly early on Easter Sunday and we have been up to our eyeballs in festivities already.

We thought it would be fun to put on a neighborhood egg hunt with our friend/neighbor across the street (she has a 5 and 11 year old) yesterday morning.  We invited the rest of the kids in the neighborhood but they didn’t show up…their loss!  We hid about 80 eggs in a park and throughout the neighborhood and the kids thought it was really fun.

I don’t really like the crowds and craziness that comes along with the organized hunts in town.  They just spread the eggs all over the grass and you don’t even have to look for them because they’re everywhere.  Our neighbors had fun so I think we will probably do it again next year.

Ready for action!

Picking up our friend Ruby

The Three Musketeers set off in search!
2014_04_0384 2014_04_0387 2014_04_0388 2014_04_0389

This is the green space between the houses on our street and the farm field.  Lots of good places to hide eggs!

We also went to another friend’s house for a potluck lunch and another egg hunt.  There is a picture of that on Instagram.   Then later on yesterday I overheard Elliott telling Patrick that the Easter Bunny will hide eggs in the house for them to find.  Hmmm.

Well he was right, because there were eggs all over the place downstairs this morning.  They are getting really good at this egg hunting thing.  They also got some nice things in their baskets: a Lego motorcycle, new swim trunks, a water gun (“It’s big and squirty!” according to PJ).

We get a small break and then later this afternoon we are going to a MIGA (Mobility Impaired Golf Association) event that sounds suspiciously like yet another easter egg hunt.  They also have a golf clinic and I think that the boys will like that very much.  Mr. Patrick was riveted to The Masters golf tournament last weekend and would love to hang out on a golf course any chance he gets.

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